Zac’s 10th Birthday

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“Zac’s 10th Birthday will be one he will always remember!! Steve & Zac had 60+ guests well entertained for 3hrs with great music, fantastic lights and awesome games for the children & adults alike. Through pre-party discussions, Steve knew it was Zac’s dream to run the party himself and he enabled that to happen. Thanks Steve for a fantastic night, it will be talking point for many years to come.”  – Melissa W, Zac’s Mum

Well, I have a to say, this party was a little different to all other parties that I do.  At this particular event, Zac, the birthday boy ran the disco for me!

See, it’s a been a dream of Zac’s to DJ at his own party for years and on his 10th birthday, his dream came true!

I was knocked for a six when I learned that Zac’s knowledge on computers / technology / DJ equipment was so broad.  He helped me setup for the night and asked me for a quick run down on the playlists and generally how the controls worked.  He had never used this mixer before and hadn’t used Virtual DJ software either.. but some how managed to make the night really awesome and fun for all the kids.

Of course, I was there to make sure he didn’t stumble and ran most of the games and activities but Zac was always there, cueing and announcing the songs and letting the kids know what was coming up through the night.  Zac.  You little ripper. You did an amazing job.

I hope you had the  best night of your life and hopefully you will keep following your dreams to be a DJ.  Happy birthday!

Melissa and Christian, thank you for inviting me into your family home to entertain your guests.  Zac really did an amazing job and you should be very proud of him.  I can honestly say that he didn’t make any major mistakes and I was really amazed at his skills.


DJ Steve - Zacs 10th DJ Steve - Zacs 10th DJ Steve - Zacs 10th