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Another lot of VIP party invites are winging their way to a lucky groover today! DJ Hayley looks forward to celebrating Isaac’s 9th birthday with him at an epic disco party soon! #djstevesdiscoparties #kidsdiscos #kidsdiscoparties #djhayley #djmicki #djsteve

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Ok, it’s official. I’m ready for bed! What a fantastic weekend for the team! This week we say happy birthday to Tyler who turned 9, Sophie who turned 10, Brooklyn who turned 6 and Ann-Maree who turned 50! We also say a HUGE congratulations to Ascot Physie who held their Interclub dance competition today and ran an amazing event. It’s a credit to the entire crew at the club that pulled everything together to make a seamless event. It was an absolute pleasure providing our audio services to ensure..

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My office today. Supporting @ascotphysie at their awesome Interclub competition and running all the songs required for their routines. It’s going to be a long day… Lots of coffee! Good luck ladies! Go Ascot!

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Big kids party!

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Rockin out at a 70s 80s themed 50th tonight. Happy birthday Anne Marie!

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DJ Steve and DJ Ollie rocked out with Charlie for his 9th birthday out at Ipswich on Saturday night. It’s so much fun watching the kids still doing the Fornite dances moves. When will it ever stop? I hope never! Special mention to Garth and his incredible parent dance performance. If the other parents danced a little bit more they may have taken out the dance competition. I think they were caught unaware of his amazing dance moves that they simply stopped dancing! ha! Great job. Glad you had a great..

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DJ Micki partied on into the night with Tohbias for her 21st along with all of her friends and family. Happy birthday Tohbias! We hope you had a great night showing off all of your awesome dance moves! #djmicki #djstevesdiscoparties

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DJ Hayley hanging out with Annabel for her 8th birthday Annabel and her whole crew were rockin their Jo Jo Bows having an awesome time singing and dancing to their favourite Jo Jo tracks! #djhayley #djstevesdiscoparties

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DJ Steve | Kids Disco Parties | Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

A massive thank you to everyone that had epic birthday parties with us this weekend. This weekend we say happy birthday to : Annabel who turned 8! Charlie who turned 9! Tohbais who turned 21! We also partied with the kids at The Guardian Early Learning Centre at Springfield. #djsteve #djhayley #djmicki #djstevesdiscoparties #kidsdiscos #kidsdiscoparties

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A group of very cool mums got together on Saturday night to have a “mums disco” to raise money for a little girl named Lola. It was a great night that saw songs from the 70’s – 80’s, 90’s and current top 40! It was lots of fun mixing up the music and doing our best to give everyone a great night. Lola’s life was forever changed on the 1st of July 2019 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called Retinablastoma for which she will undergo immediate treatment. We are hoping for favorable..

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