Jasmine’s 7th Birthday

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“Cannot say enough about how amazing Steve and the gorgeous Zara made my daughters 7th birthday party. Very professional and so engaging with the kids. All the children and parents had a ball. Thanks again Steve, look forward to booking again next year”

It was Jasmine’s birthday on Saturday night at the family home and her mum and dad turned their lounge room into the best disco party that I have ever seen!

They originally were going to have the party outside under a car port area but due to the inclement weather, they decided it was best to hold it inside the lounge area. This suited me just fine as I was under the AC for the night!

Zara was with me this afternoon, so she helped me carry all the gear into the house and started setting up for the night. It wasn’t long until kids started arriving.. thick and fast! We were getting excited! I think there were about 25 kids, which just made the night so much fun.

The night was a blast and the kids had a ball. We played so many games such as musical statues, hot cue corners, musical squares, pass the parcel. We also did the Nae Nae dance along with the Chicken dance..

It was Jasmine’s turn to have a go at the deck. She was a bit shy, so I helped her cue up one of favourite songs by Taylor Swift and announced it for her. She ran out onto the dance floor with her friends and danced away!

Thanks Jasmine, Suzie and Aaron. It was a pleasure to entertain your guests.

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Jasmine's 7th

Jasmine's 7th

Jasmine's 7th

Jasmine's 7th