Isabelle’s 11th Birthday

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“Highly recommended! Great music, lights and fab games. We sat back and let DJ Steve and his helper Zara entertain 11 girls for two hours! Very professional and heaps of fun! Thanks Steve for a wonderful party!”

Woo hoo! School Holidays! Easter! Birthday!

I have to say… kids these days are just loving disco parties!

I had the pleasure of entertaining Izzy and 10 of her friends last night and they had the best time ever!

While I was setting up in the lounge room of the family home, the kids were peeking through the makeshift black screen that mum Claire and Dad Fitzy had installed to create the disco room. I could hear their shrieks of excitement while I was doing a sound and lighting effects check.

We started a little bit early as they couldn’t hold back anymore.  They had their afternoon swim and filled up on their party food,  so I knew we were about to have an awesome disco party.

I had requested a list of Izzy’s favourite songs so that I could make sure I knew the style that she was after… as expected, all the latest songs on the Top 40, so I knew I had it all covered.

We played all the usual fun and exciting interactive games that the girls really enjoyed.  The girls decided they wanted to have a dancing competition. We all sat on the floor and called up each competitor to bust their moves! It was all so much fun.

At the end of the night, we sang Happy Birthday to Izzy and for the last song of the night, it was Izzy’s turn to cue up her favourite song, announce it and play the songs to her friends.

Izzy, thank you very much for letting me entertain your friends, you were all very well behaved and hope you had a blast!

Happy birthday for next week!

DJ Steve - Izzy

Dj Steve - Izzy

DJ Steve - Izzy

DJ Steve - Izzy