Frequently Asked questions

I would like to book you for an outdoor party. Will this be ok?
We recommend that you host your child’s birthday party inside. It removes the risk of having to reschedule due to bad weather and it also helps with controlling the kids as they are in a confined space. Our sound system will be clearer and the lighting effects will be much more visible. If you don’t have enough space at your home, you could consider hiring a community hall for as a little a $25 per hour!
Playforts, Trampolines and big back yards make it near impossible to engage children to join in with the disco activities.
We also require house lighting and a firm surface to run some of the activities through the night. In most cases outdoor parties don’t provide this.

What about our garage?
We DO NOT recommend using your garage space as a disco room during the warm months. Usually there is no ventilation in garages and can be dangerous for your kids, guests and even our hosts. Unless the garage can be cooled using portable air conditioners, we will have to reject the offer to hold a disco in a garage.

When should we provide food and drinks?
We recommend to keep the food and sugary drinks for the scheduled breaks. We will always take a short break at half time to allow the kids to eat and drink. During the warmer months, let the kids have access to water and save the sugary drinks, lollie and snacks until the break. Food and drinks can be a a big distraction for your guests and this will help us having the best crack at entertaining all the party goers. If you are serving dinner, then again at half time is perfect to serve some sandwiches or pizza.

I would like to decorate the dance floor, what should I do?
Every party has balloons, streamers and themed decorations right? Sure they do. In the case of a disco party we bring lighting and a fog machine which means you really don’t need any extra decorations. You can save your self some money and save on having to clean up the mess!  We believe that less is more.  In some cases we have seen a particular area setup with some decorations and use this to take some photos near.

I would like to fill the dance floor with balloons.
We’ve have noticed that balloons on the dance floor can cause more harm than good. In particular the helium balloons that are hanging from the ceiling with strings. Usually the first child that runs onto the dance floor loves to grab all the strings and run. These strings can get caught up in our lighting and has the potential to cause an accident. We want to keep all your guests injury free so forget about the balloons and let the LED / Lasers do their thing!

I would like the kids to have lots of things to do at the party.
Lolly bars, petting zoos, photo booths are too many elements to have at a DJ Steve’s Disco Party. By inviting us in to entertain your guests, we make sure that they have an awesome time. If there are too many things happening at once, we won’t have a chance at trying to engage with the children. If you want to do something else, please ensure it is done before the disco party.

Can I have chairs on the dance floor?
We are all here to have a party! We don’t want kids sitting down! If they don’t have a chair to sit on, then they are half way to being on the dance floor.

How many kids can we invite, is there a minimum and maximum number?
We don’t have a maximum number of children, as long as they all fit in the area that you are planning the party.  We do recommend that you invite a minimum of 15 children that are the same age as the birthday child.  This will automatically create atmosphere.  Having a big range of ages at the same party can make it difficult for the children to interact with each other.  It also makes it difficult to play certain games and activities with different age groups.

How far in advance should I book?
We highly recommend that you book as early as possible.  We have 3 professional entertainers in our team and we do book out very quickly.  To avoid disappointment plan your party early and get your date allocated by placing a deposit.  Deposit details are located on your quotation after you have filled out the online booking form.